Monday, November 5, 2007

What everyone has been waiting for...

The ring! JP designed the ring with, Lauren Schott, a local artist here in Baltimore. The center stone was from JP's great great Aunt Dessie's ring, and there are seven stones set into the band to represent the seven years that we have known each other. I love it and think that it is just so beautiful and thoughtful.


  1. =0 I screamed when you told me!! I'm just so happy for both of you - good work, JP! I love the pictures, keep 'em coming! CONGRATS!!

  2. SOOOOOO pretty!!! I love it!!!!!!! Great job JP!!!!!! You both look so happy! :) This blog is TOO cute! heart, tracy

  3. did you take the pic of the ring? soooo clever - i love it! :) your pup is tres cute, by the way! :) -Trace

  4. JP took the picture of the ring, it is actually on a set of of my knitting needles that are attached for knitting in the round. The porter picture is actually about 9 months old, we took that when we were driving back from Arkansas with him. He is a bit bigger now, but still just as cute.


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