Monday, November 12, 2007

Wedding gifts galore

Today was a big day. We received our first wedding gifts. Well gift with a few goodies in it. JP was ecstatic because the gift was centered around glasses that he registered for. Even Porter got into the action and scratched at the box helping to tear the paper and open the gift, it was really a family affair.

We also learned today that the photographer that we liked will not be able to work with us so we are on the hunt again. She referred me to a few other people, one of which I had already seen and given a strong no to, and the other two I was unfamiliar with. Hopefully the gentleman who we liked will be around in the summer, looking at his photos it looks like, in true Telluride fashion, he travels a lot.

JP made it home safely from his trip at about 11:20pm on Saturday night. It was a long haul but everything turned out well in the end. Porter was excited to see him and is adjusting back into his normal routine.

And one more thing. We are starting to compile music for the big day and would love to know what songs are meaningful or great lasting songs in your opinions. We are looking for anything and everything and cannot wait to see what everyone comes up with.

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