Friday, November 9, 2007

Sad Boy

JP has been gone since Monday on a pack job that is taking him from DC to Alabama, where he packed for 3 days, to Chicago and back in about 5 days. Porter, our puppy has been having a hard time with his absence. He has been very needy and restless. We will be happy to have him home sometime tomorrow.

I was really excited earlier this week because I found a photographer in Telluride who's photos I really liked and I think fits our style and how we want to document our wedding, however there is apparently another wedding on the same Tuesday, how strange, and she might already be booked. So keep your fingers crossed that the other bride changes her mind. This is the second vendor that I have come across that is dealing with people holding their services. I find this to be a bit frustrating. People need to commit to what they want and not be able to hold one thing while they look for something better. Whatever happens I am sure that it will work out for the best.

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