Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fun Finds

I found these great handmade silk flowers when I was wondering around the web today. They are from The White Aisle and have a really interesting story to go with them. They are all handmade in Phenom Pehn, Cambodia by young women who were sold into the sex trade by their families when they were young. 100% of the profits from these silk goods go back to the project. This will enable the company to not only pay the women salaries, but set up housing for these young women so they will no longer have to go back to the brothels at night. This is a new program but I think that it really has a strong product and will be able to grow nicely. The silk that is used for the flowers, and other products, is hand loomed Khmer (Cambodian) and local to the area that the woman are working in. Each flower is individually assembled, so no two are alike, much like the ones that I produce. The company is planing on expanding their offerings from roses, to gardenias, lilies and orchids. For $10 a bud I think that it is an elegant way to add a special touch to any occasion, and it has a great cause. I cannot wait to order some and come up with great things to do with them.

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