Sunday, November 18, 2007

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JP and I went to Chelle Paperie, in Hampden yesterday to start the process of designing our invitations. We are really excited to be working with a locally owned store. The woman Katie, who we are working with to design the invitations also went to MICA. This is where JP and I went to school in Baltimore for any who might be wondering. And when I say working with to design the invitations, I mean that we came with an idea, some photos and some suggestions about packaging, colors and a few graphics and she is really doing the rest. We will meet with her when my parents are in town next week for Thanksgiving and we cannot wait to see what she has for us to look at.

The inspiration for our invitations comes from this amazing press, Mr. Boddington's out of NYC, of course. The image above really has nothing to do with what our printing will look like, but I did not want to give everything away. In any case, you should check out their site, it is very inspirational, and keep an eye out in great stationary stores for their pressed cards.

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