Thursday, December 20, 2007

Vintage Florals

As part of my new non corporate life I am getting back to creating and crafting and it just feels so good. I am working into it slowly and trying to find a space in our house where I can create chaos and not have it be front and center, but that does not really exist because everything is really front and center in our house. But JP is putting up with it, as he does oh so well and we are really excited that I am working on things for myself again. I have placed a few of my flowers for sale at Red Tree in Baltimore, where I am working now, and loving every moment of it. I have to start making some fresh ones for the spring. And I am trying to figure out if I want to incorporate them into the wedding, and if so how. I can think of many ways I just do not want them to be to overpowering. I also set up some earrings at the store and within about half and hour a pair sold, we were all really excited. We hope that everyone's holiday's are going well and are full of cheer. JP is doing most of his shopping this weekend, well tomorrow night and then we will be making the rest of our gifts this weekend.

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