Monday, December 10, 2007

Creat Your Own Cookbook

I am so excited about this new site that I found via another one of my favorite food blogs, well really my favorite food blog. The blog is 101 cookbooks and an amazing resource. Heidi's food is amazing, and she published her first cookbook earlier this year and it is where I go to first for recipes these days.

So the new find is, this site is just so great. It enables the user to create their own hard bound cookbook. You can choose from ones that have already been compiled, Heidi has one, which is great and made up of her favorite recipes from her past years of blogging. Or, you can create and publish your own family recipes and upload photos to go along with them, I think this is such a great gift. When you purchase a cookbook you receive 100 recipe credits, much like in itunes if you purchase a gift card. You can then edit already created books, so that you are only receiving recipes that you want. The site is also paired with and you can search through their data base of 25, 000 recipes. The book is made so that you can take out, and insert recipes as you need. So when you order a book you do not need to use all of your credits as once, you can order them as you need or find them. I cannot wait to create my own and give it as gifts...

Also, JP received a really lovely voice mail from his Dad yesterday that he shared with me and it was really uplifting, heart warming, and gave us a little wedding cheer that we needed. I just wanted to share that tid bit, because it really meant so much to us.

We hope that everyone is having a good and cheery holiday season. Ours has not been that crazy yet, but in saying that, we have plans every night from Wednesday to Sunday... and it just keeps going from there.

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  1. this is such a great idea - there are several people I know who would love this as a gift! thanks for sharing it. :)


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