Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Fantastic Florals

I am looking for really simple, naturally inspired, primarily green and white fl orals. Through one of the other wedding sites that I have been frequenting I found Artfool, and really enjoyed some of their bouquets.

There were also some table set ups that they did that I thought could be really nice for the wedding. Perhaps a bit kitchy, and might need to be brought in a bit, a little more of a sprinkling, a little less of a theme. Because lets face it, I am not a camper and JP is not a miner, so the theme of having lanterns does not completely speak to us as a couple. But still something to think about.

I had been planning on using some vintage table linens to create runners from one person to the other, as done above for our table, or tables. Depending on what out set up ends up being. I think that it adds some intimacy especially if it is one great long table. And the vintage table lines are a touch of ourselves, well myself, that we can add to the event. Because, it really is about us and who we are and celebrating ourselves as a couple. Now I just have to figure out how to work JP into the mix...

Artfool also had some other images form another event that could also be a great inspiration. I see these as being more of a elegant rustic event table setting. Possibly a mix between the two is what will be best for us.

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  1. Kohli and Jp, you two are too cute. I LOVED the engagement announcement! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I want to use it but do not dare getting a stain on that lovely letter-pressed coaster! CHEERS!!!!



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