Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Little Bites

We hope that everybody survived the holidays and had a wonderful and stress free New Year. We had a good month, but are really happy that it is over. New Years was really laid back as we moved back into our house after some plumbing issues, and had Curt and Bonnie over to dinner while they were gearing up to leave for their wedding. We are so excited for all that this year has ahead and are so happy to share in this great time in so many peoples lives.

As part of my daily, weekly and monthly blog tour that I do from my PowerBook I like to look at a series of inspirational food blogs. I have a dream of doing a smaller version of my own on this site. More to get us on a more stable path to eating healthy and at home on a regular basis. I am thinking that it might be motivation for us if we know that we made a commitment to cooking all the recipes from our favorite cook books and sharing them with all of you and how they turn out. That being said, at this point it is just a dream, but an achievable one. One of the sites that I like to visit is Cupcake Bakeshop. There is a featured recipe every month, always unusual and always well styled. I love the little paper cups that they use to bake the cakes in, just the rite amount of sweat and such a nice turn from the standard. Any of you who have had my cupcakes knows that I love to try and use other non traditional papers for the cakes.


  1. happy new years kholi and jp! sorry you couldnt come o philly - we missed you!!!! have a wonderful new years! love, tracy

  2. tracy,
    we were so sad to miss new years. we heard that everyone had a wonderful time. we were trying to settle back into our house after our plumbing issue... and getting ready to go to our friends wedding in south carolina. but I am sure that we will see each other soon.
    p.s. i love that you read the blog, at least we know one person is...

  3. Oh I am SUUUURRRREEEE a lot more people are reading your blog missy! :) I wish you guys were there at NYE - I was telling Dan (my man - loveeeee him) that I thought he would really like JP. I am sure we will all be able to catch up sometime soon. Glad your house issues are fixed! :) Tell JP I say hello! xoxox, tracy

  4. i doooo remember the lovely red velvet cupcakes you served in parchment paper cones while you lived in d.c....yummmmmmy.


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