Monday, January 14, 2008

The First of the Year

We have had quite a busy start to the New Year. On the third we drove down to Table Rock state park in South Carolina to attend Curt and Bonnie's wedding. It was really beautiful and we had such a wonderful time. JP was the best man and looked very dashing if I may say so. The state park that they chose had some cabins that we were able to rent and they turned out to be nicely appointed. We arrived a day early and were able to spend some time relaxing and enjoying a mini break before the rest of the guest got there, and the wedding activities were in full swing. I think that this is something that we will try and do with all the weddings that we are going to this year, just so that we can really enjoy the time that we are able to be away. And it is also nice to be adjusted to a place once festivities start. It was truly a great start to a year that is going to be full of weddings for us.

After our drive back to Baltimore, I had a 6am flight out the next day to Telluride in order to plan our wedding in 3 days. Fortunately I was able to make it, my flight was delayed in Dallas because of snow in Montrose, where we fly into, and the roads into Telluride were quite challenging. We have never seen so much snow there and there did not seem to be an end in sight. I think that my mom was hoping that I would be snowed in and not able to leave. At any rate, I was able to get a lot accomplished and feel really thrilled about how everything is shaping up. Sadly, JP was not able to join my parents and myself on the trip, but he has been filled in on all the details. After deciding on a cake, flowers, DJ, venue, a place for the guests to stay, the caterer for the rehearsal dinner and brunch, and some activities for the weekend I flew back home to Baltimore, and went right back to work.

On Saturday night, my mom's best friend and her husband were in town for a convention and took us out to dinner. We had such a lovely time with them and really enjoyed being able to share our excitement about the wedding with others who genuinely wanted to hear about it and are thrilled that we have reached this step in our relationship.

This week I am going to look at potential bridesmaid dresses, and will keep you all posted on the success of that trip. I am hoping that, like the rest of the recent wedding decisions, or most of them, it will be a quick and easy decision. But at any rate I will let you know.


  1. Of course I wanted you to be snowed in to have you stay with us a little longer. I'm a mother!
    Looked through your wedding magazine after you left. Poor women in the advertisements: some look as if the gowns will fall down if they let their breath out; some have to hunch forward to make a cleavage; some look as if they are going to a shotgun wedding. Why are none of them smiling?

  2. i agree with our ma! Happy New Years J & K!! I wish you the best year and look forward to reading more about your blog. I am an addict! xoxox, Tracy and Oliver :)


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