Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rotten Bananas

One of our favorite gifts from the wedding was a bread maker. Up until last week it had been kept tidy and boxed up waiting until it had a home, or there was just the right opportunity to use it.

I walked into the kitchen last week and realized that I had three very ripe bananas that were very soon going to a feast for some fruit flies, yuck...

So I ripped open the bread box, literally, found a recipe on line and went to work. It was really quite easy and made the house small wonderful. For the most part it was successful. Might have worked a bit better if I had opened the instruction book and seen that there was a banana bread recipe that was suggested by the manufacturer. Oh well, my husband is the instruction reader, I am more of the figure it out as you go kinda gal.

At any rate, it tasted great, but the sides had some opportunities. You can see this from the photos I am sure. I have to mention the glass in the picture, I found it while antiquing in PA with one of my best friends before the wedding. Seeing as we were on a wedding antiquing trip I knew that I had to purchase the Colorado glass being as that is where we were having the ceremony. I forgot about it until I was cleaning and re-organizing when we got home and was tickled to find it.

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