Monday, June 2, 2008

It's Done!

JP and I had a hugely successful wedding! For the three days before the wedding we woke up to snow and would have about one or two snow storms a days. It was really very beautiful and we were excited to be there for such strange weather.

Everything went off without a hitch with one small exception. There was some sort of stomach discomfort that passed from my Dad to JP and then onto our bridesmaid, Melissa. JP was out of commission two day's before the wedding, but did manage to take the gondola to town for an hour and we were able to get our wedding license. It was a quintessential Telluruide experience, and worth the trip! The court house in town is brick with a large clock tower, the halls are lined with old photographs of town and the mines that surround it. We received our license in a small room, with two folding chairs and the kind woman who assisted us. The whole process was done on a type writer, a machine not so often used any more, but adored by many.

JP and I were so moved by all those who took the time and made the effort to come to Colorado. We all had such a wonderful time and had such a great response from all of our guests. Most importantly, JP's dad came and provided a wealth of support, excitement and love for JP. We were really happy to have him there and get to spend some time with him. The wedding was defiantly a defining point in our lives pertaining to our family and friends and the relationship structure going forward. And going forward is what we are doing right now.

That being said the next part of going forward for me is changing my name...
I used to have really mixed feelings about this, but am excited to do it now, strange as it is. To make things easier on a busy gal was set up. This service compiles all of the most up to date forms that you need to submit to different corporations and government agencies. Best of all, you enter your information once and it will auto fill all of the forms. All you have to do is print up the forms from your on line file and send them in with the appropriate fees. And not to worry, when you print up each for it is accompanied with instructions for any additional things that you need to do. Gift certificates are also available and would make such a cute shower gift for a bride to be.

And speaking of brides, I am off to try and see Sex and The City, I will let you know what I thought tomorrow!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! So glad and tickled for you both! Lots of love and hope to see you both in the near future, Tracy & Oliver

  2. Congratulations to you both! We know how much you love each other and look forward to a wonderful life of memories. We hope to see you both when we get back to the East Coast.
    Joan and Arturo

  3. I'm looking to buy a chocolate brown bridesmaid dress by Two Birds. Was by chance the color you chose brown?? I'd love to buy one from you, if so....


  4. Rebecca,

    My bridesmaids both purchased their dresses, I can email them and see if they would like to sell one to you. We loved them and I would recommend them to anyone.



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