Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Darn the Pound

to have and to hold ribbon from Cox and Cox

A while ago I wrote about Cox and Cox, an online store from England. Today I opened my email to find out that they just added a wedding section! They have all kinds of goodies that they have pulled together for that extra touch for a wedding or party. The 'To have and to hold' ribbon, featured above, being one of my favorites. There were so many more that I loved, sadly I can't show them all...

But here are a few more!!

photos from Cox and Cox

So these are some of my other favorites. The Wedding Matches are so adorable. Let's face it matches might not have that much of a place at weddings any more due to the fact that no one is smoking any more. However, there is something great about a custom, or semi custom match box. I think that this would be such a nice addition and start to your celebration to put into the welcome baskets with a nice travel sized candle for each room. There is nothing nicer than getting rid of hotel room scent and a nice gesture on the part of the bride and groom to help make their guest feel comfortable. Oh yes, printed on the box is the Oxford Dictionary definition for wedlock, "marriage mar'ij n. wedlock, to tie the knot: the union of a man and a woman as husband and wife, the perfect match." The Paper Fiesta Bunting is just so smart, adds a touch of fun to any event. It can be placed outside in trees, on fences, or on poles. Similarly, it can be strung up inside to add a fast dressing to any space. I love these Seed Favour Sets. They consist of 10 seed sticks that are ready to plant and will germinate in about 3 to 4 weeks. Available in a multitude of choices from Alpine Strawberries, to wildflowers and herbs they can be valuable for any occasion. What a nice way to give your guest a gift that is easy to travel with, they can deal with on their own time, not like a live plant, and can remind them over and over again about your beautiful soiree! And last, but definitely not least, the Wedding Sign. Made of enamel and printed on both sides it is such a good choice for corralling your guest to where they should be!

So now that I have shared all of these wonderful finds the sad news for us in the United States, as of tonight the exchange rate is just under two dollars to the pound. What a stinker! For now I will be satisfied by looking at the web site and dreaming of the day when the dollar is worth something again...

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  1. Soooon is your day! Yay! Have a blast! You will look beautiful and can't wait for you to post pics! love, tracy and ollie too. xoxoxo


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