Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Keeping It All Together

Fortunately, I have been fairly good at keeping all of my ducks in a row organizationally with the wedding. However, I have not been using a wedding planning book, I found them to be cumbersome and not quite what fit me. I know that organization is a major challenge for a lot of brides. Recently I found Muse:Wedding Inspiration on line and think that it is just swell. It is completely customizable format that can suit any bride. As with most wedding planning you do need to spend some time setting it up and making it yours. I found this to be really nice because I was not sorting through junk that has nothing to do with my wedding.

There are spaces to work on your budget, and you can create multiple ones as well. There is a schedule, and places for ideas. The site is a bit nicer than paper because all information is in one place and can all communicate with itself. Leaves out the cross referencing and making sure that nothing was left out. So I hope that you find this as fun and functional as I did. Also, why not use it for other things in your life. It is a blank format, no one says that it has to be used for a wedding...

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