Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Big Weekend

photo from Numpty on Etsy

Last weekend was jam packed with to dos on the wedding checklist. JP and I met with Lauren Schott, the jeweler who made my engagement ring and we put in our order for our wedding bands, we are both really excited about them and cannot wait to see the wax molds and then the rings.

We also had a really nice visit with Lauren and Jon, Lauren (formally known as Stromberg) is my best friend from high school. She and her husband live in Mclain, VA and I had not seen her since moving back to MD in June. I have been trying to get Lauren to Telluride since our sophomore year of high school and am thrilled that they will be celebrating our wedding with us there in May.

On Sunday, we trekked down to Mclain, VA to find a suit for JP for the wedding. We were able to find a great suit, and JP looks so handsome. The shirts that he, and his groomsmen will be wearing will have French cuffs, so now we are on the hunt for unique cuff links. While we will not be using Lego cuff links for the wedding, I could not resist putting them up on the site. I know that they are really easy to make, but think that they are kinda cute, and in the correct setting might be nice.

So now the last big hurtles will be choosing what we will be eating at the reception, and assembling and sending out the invitations. From there it should be easy sailing. I say that now, but who knows.

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