Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Big Boy Dinner

So my husband turned 30 and jumped out of a plane. In honor of being such a big boy I thought that it would be super cute to do a candy themed birthday dinner. It turned out to be a great way to inexpensively add color to the table and send everyone home with a little something.

The table was set with some great linen homespun, I am obsessed with this and can't seem to pass it by when I see it nicely priced while antiquing. It provided a neutral background for all the colors and food. The plastic army men were a great find a Target. Perfect for the color story and the previous day's events! It took the man a bit to figure it out, but his little brother, who is 7, got it right away.

I used a combination on vintage ball jars, I have them on hand from our wedding, another obsession, and new mason jars. (I love to have these on hand to give gifts, and store food. We are trying to move away from storing in plastic and these are a great and more economical alternative) The flowers were a steal at Wegmans. My first choice would normally not have been roses but the price was right and they played nicely into my color story.

I love it when I arrive at a party and find a little something at my place. But let's face it that really never happens, at least not outside of my dreams. So in honor of this big occasion I decided to go the extra step and make a little goody bag for every guest. Inside they found childhood favorites like candy necklaces, dot candy, lemon heads, and bubble gum. I printed a black and white picture of the birthday boy on packaging labels and tied them to each bag. It was a nice touch that everyone really enjoyed.

We had a great night with friends and family, and the man has enjoyed eating the left overs since his big day.


  1. what a perfect party! love your table and your goody bags! happy foray into manhood, p!

  2. LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS! Totally inspired by you once again!


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