Friday, June 26, 2009

K. Flick Studio & Paper Satchel

Melissa and I participated in our first art show at the end of May. I am horribly tardy posting about it.

We had a fantastic time, the weather could not have been better and our booth was overlooking the Delaware River, and of course New Jersey. Our items ended up working together better than we could have planned, and the weekend was hugely successful. Melissa created soft sculpture, no die, terrariums which were breathtaking, and the hit of the show. All of them were sold my noon on the second day, much to my dismay. {I hope she is hard at working making one for me!} There were also meat grinder lamps, amazing. Gorgeous plaster sculpture lights which she cast and lit, and other found object light sculptures.

Melissa also created the best signs ever for the booth. Making chalk board flags that can be used for almost any event she successfully caught the attention of many passers by. Below are some other shots of the booth.

My jewelry did really well. I made a few custom pieces on the spot, and picked up another wholesale account. It was so nice to share the booth with another artist and have our items compliment the others so well. We hope to apply to more shows next spring and will keep you posted.

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